Gear item

What is a gear item?

A gear item is a representation of an actual piece of hardware.

The gear item has inputs on the top and outputs on the bottom.

Each input and output has a label and a type.

In the example above, this input has a short-hand label of Eth and the connection type is Ethernet. Meaning that only other ethernet connections will connect to it.

Adding a new gear item

Gear can be added to your plan by choosing the + Add gear button on the bottom right of the plan editor.

This will open the Add gear modal.

Within the Add gear modal, search for a piece of gear that you created or to check if it is already in the community library.

You'll want to be quite accurate on how you spell each word within this modal.

When you find the piece of gear you want to add, click the Add button. This will add that piece of gear to your plan.

Editing a gear item

While you, or the community, have done their best to make this item accurate, you may want to tweak it to suit your needs.

Right-click on a gear item to open the menu, then choose Edit.

Once you have chosen to Edit the item, the Edit item modal will open.

Within this Edit item modal, you have a few options.

Label - A custom name to give this item.

Manufacturer - The maker of the item.

Background - The main background colour for the item.

Highlight - The highlight colour of the item - used on the left and right.

Input/Output switching - The ability to move certain connections.

Replace item - Replace this item with another.

Remove item - Remove this item (and any cables connected to it).

Duplicate a gear item

Right-click a gear item and choose Duplicate to create a duplicate of the item.

The duplicate will appear right next to your original item.

Any changes made to the original item will not carry over to the duplicate. Once duplicated, they are separate items.

Deleting a gear item

If you no longer need a gear item, right-click on it and choose Delete.

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