The Builder allows you to create items that do not already exist on H2R Gear.

Creating a gear item

It's best to be as accurate as possible when creating a gear item. You will thank yourself later.

You can set the following details on a gear item:

Name - What is the official product name.

Manufacturer - Who makes this product.

Category - What kind of product is it?

Background - The main background colour of the item.

Highlight - The accent colour of the item.

Inputs and outputs

The most important part of any item is what connections it has.

Not all connections are straightforward - like Ethernet and USB which can be considered bidirectional. For these connections it's best to just choose input or output - you can always change these later when editing an item in a plan.

Automatic numbering

Input and output names can be automatically generated, so long as the previous input/output ends in a number.

In this example, only the first input and output needed to be manually named, after that pressing Add input or add output automatically filled in the name and incremented the number.

Drag and drop

Inputs and outputs can be reordered by grabbing the little handle and moving your cursor.

Public and private items

You can choose to keep your item private or to add it to the community library.

Items in the community library will be marked as "User submitted".

Items will be checked for accuracy. Changes may be made to your item.

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