Released: 19th February 2024


  • New Fit all options directly zooming to zones.

  • Auto-zoom to full plan on load.

  • Filter your gear (and team gear) by type and search terms from within your account.


  • Delete button added to Shape items.

  • Resolved an issue where Text labels and Zones would lose their text value.

  • Adding gear, labels and zones will always be added to the center of the plan.

  • Cable Pins get added under the cursor.

  • Zones are now included in "Fit all".

  • [2.4.1] Drawing cable preview now lines up again.

  • [2.4.2] Copy of team plans will keep them in the team section.

  • [2.4.3] Allow for export of plans with "."s in the name.


Released: 15th January 2024


  • Build and share gear between team members on a team plan.

  • Colour selector for gear item inputs and outputs.

  • Hide cable routes on Left to Right plans.


  • Lots of small tweaks and improvements

  • [2.3.1]: Users can now set their own name in settings.

  • [2.3.1]: Hidden route cable labels no longer text-wrap when dragged off-screen.

  • [2.3.2]: "Copy as CSV" added to Packlist.

  • [2.3.3]: Download and Copy CSV on the Patchlist.


Released: 20th September 2023


  • Speed improvements when building and interacting with plans.

  • Zoom to fit all items on screen when in a plan.

  • Cable key on /plan.

  • Align to Top and Align to Left added to plans.

  • Now showing email and name on the Settings page for easy reference.

  • Shape items on plans.

  • [2.2.4] "Lens" and "Controller" categories added.


  • Search by Manufacturer when filtering your own gear.

  • Users should now be able to set custom cable colours again and the app will remember them.

  • [2.2.1] Shapes now interactable for users.

  • [2.2.2] Offset initial load of plans to previous state.

  • [2.2.3] Team members can now duplicate, even when there are more than 10 plans in the team section.

  • [2.2.3] Upgrade page no longer crashing when data is missing.

  • [2.2.4] Cable drawing should now be lined up again.

  • [2.2.4] Team members can now edit cable labels.

  • [2.2.4] RCA -> Minijack -> RCA connection now possible both ways.


Released: 6th April 2023


  • Theme switcher in the settings.

  • Added Internal Job ID to plans for internal job tracking.

  • Added Internal Gear ID to private items for internal tracking.

  • Up to 7 characters allowed in Cable labels.

  • [2.1.2] Team Members now have full access within their individual accounts.

  • [2.1.3] Non-team account will no longer be able to select the "Team" sharing option.


  • Some cables that were accidentally black before are now the right colour again.

  • Left to Right mode has simplified cable drawing when two gear items align.

  • Improvements to CSV export of Packlists.

  • [2.1.1] Fix for plan renaming not working correctly.

  • [2.1.2] RCA can now be connected to XLR, XLR/Jack, and Jack connections.


Released: 28th March 2023


  • Remove selection buttons on plans.

  • Cable pins now hidden on shared plans.


  • Dark mode and colour changes.

  • Undo/Redo on plans.

  • Multiple cable pins.

  • Snapping grid in plans.

  • Plans list now shows how "complex" the plan is for quick reference.

  • "Escape" keyboard shortcut added when drawing.

  • Draw and create gear on demand when drawing cables.

  • Left to Right mode reworked for better cable and label drawing.


  • Improvements to mobile and small screen experience.

  • Clicking outside gear items on a plan will deselect all items.

  • [2.0.1] Improvements to grid snapping.

  • [2.0.1] Connect all custom cables to and from other cable types.

  • [2.0.1] Remove cookie banner from /plan.


Released: 17th February 2023


  • 10 day Event access


Released: 29th December 2022


  • Cable labels are now default for all cables created.

  • Download Packlist as CSV.

  • 5 Custom Cable types added for user-specific items.


  • Left to Right mode cable improvements.

  • Clearer process to cancel a paid subscription.

  • Easier to delete a cable label.

  • Remove Cable Pins from PDF exports.

  • [1.22.1] Typos fixed on /upgrade.

  • [1.22.1] Allow non-paid account to add gear again, this was temporarily broken.

  • [1.22.2] Non-paid users can now add gear items again.

  • [1.22.3] Removing a plans dates will no longer impact the plans list.

  • [1.22.4] Switching between /plans and /team/plans now force loads all plans.

  • [1.22.4] Improvements to sorting of search results.

  • [1.22.4] Improvements to the re-rendering of cables.


Released: 28th November 2022


  • Left-to-right mode for 'Pro' and 'Team' users.

  • URL of plans now contains the plan name.


  • Team plans can now be shared outside of the team in read-only mode.

  • Add save button back to the /plan page.

  • / now goes to /plans.

  • Better search for all Pro users.

  • Search memory dumped more often for significant speed improvements.


Released: 9th August, 2022


  • Thunderbolt and USB-C now connect to HDMI.

  • Select all, Copy, Paste and Delete keyboard shortcuts.

  • Rework of /plan for more helpful information and navigation.

  • Connect cables from Input to Output and Output to Input.

  • Arrows removed from Bi-Directional connections.

  • Right-click menu added to cables.

  • Added Label and Length to Patchlist and Packlist.

  • Newly added gear items will be selected when the modal closes.

  • Quick builder feature when adding gear.

  • Better gear item editing, right on the plan.


  • Resizing zones now works across browsers.

  • Touch events fix for touch devices when interacting with /plan.

  • Add login button to /404.

  • Sidebar logo links to /plans.

  • Adding cables will no longer select the gear item.

  • New delete buttons for zones and text labels.

  • Example images for Patchlist, Zones, Share and Export for non-paid users.

  • XLR/Jack now connects to XLR/Jack.

  • Checkout buttons temporally broken and now fixed (1.20.1)

  • PNG export working as expected again (1.20.2)


Released: 15th June, 2022


  • Export PDF & JPEG (WIP).

  • Keyboard shortcuts on /plan. "W", "A", "S", "M", "I", "O", arrow keys and shift modifiers.

  • Added EtherCon connector.

  • Gear items on the Packlist are now collapsed. For example: "5x Converters".

  • Pack and Unpack all gear, cables and extras on a Packlist.


  • Zone backgrounds can now be used to pan the plan.

  • Zone colours and options now moved to the top of the zone.

  • Text Label colours are now clearer.

  • Higher Max Zoom on Plans.

  • Clarification of what an active plan is. Removed "included" from pricing breakdown.

  • Text cursor now fixed on Safari when creating cables and dragging items.



  • Selection of single or multiple gear items and move them together.

  • MIDI, Lightning, PowerCon, Speakon & DMX connector types added.

  • Searchable list of connector types on /builder.

  • Email signup added to /plans page.


  • Removed tab access of draggable component on the Builder.

  • 1.18.1 Small fix for /builder where "Create Copy and edit" was not working.

  • 1.18.2 Re-ordering items on /builder will not work as expected.



  • Team mode. Create a team, share plans and manage members. (Team subscriptions now available)

  • Zones to mark areas on your plan. (Paid feature)

  • Clearer billing history and cancel links added.


  • Export PNGs now include arrows.


  • Patchlists now part of the Pro/Team subscriptions



  • Patchlist. See how your inputs/outputs are patched, and copy a CSV.

  • Add gear to your collection right from the /gear page.

  • Notifications for adding gear and plan-based issues


  • All subscribed users now see an upgrade/downgrade email link.

  • Marketing emails checkbox on settings page.



  • Inputs/Outputs that are connected are now greyed out for visual clarity.

  • Output side of cables now have a marker.

  • Hover over a cable to hide all cables/items that are not connected to it.



  • Export: Download a PNG of your plan for use in other apps/tools. (Paid feature).

  • New cable type: Power.

  • New connections: HDMI<>DVI, HDMI<>DisplayPort.


  • Text copy working on Packlist (both /plan and /plans).

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