The home page is where you create and manage all of your plans.

Creating a plan

Use the + Add plan option at the top of the plans page to create a new plan. This will launch the Add plan modal.

Within the Add plan modal, you can set a few options for your plan.

  • Plan name - Perhaps something useful

  • Include dates - This allows you to decide if you want this plan to be specific to a date or dates.

  • Rigging start/end - When your event or product should be set up.

  • Event start/end - When your event should start and end.

When you are ready, choose Create plan.

You can always change these details later, so no need to overthink them.

List of plans

All of your active plans are listed on the plans page.

You can filter them by All plans, Coming up or Past. You can also search using the search box to filter your plans even more.

Copy or edit plan details

You can edit the details of your plan (name and dates), create a copy of the plan, and archive the plan within the menu next to the Edit plan button.

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