What is a cable?

A cable represents a cable in real life. It also represents a connection path.
A few cables

Adding a cable

Cables are drawn from output to input.
Think of it like "I will connect the output of this item to the input of this item".
Drawing a cable
Click on an output and start dragging towards an input to create a cable.
Release your cursor to finish the cable.
Successfully connected cable
If the input and output do not match then the cable will not connect.

Cable pins

Sometimes plans get busy. That's when cable pins come in very handy. These help re-route cables to a location that best suits you.
Identical setup with and without cable pins

Adding a pin

To add a cable pin, click anywhere on a cable.
Click to add a cable pin
Adding the pin will create a draggable handle for re-routing your cable.
Dragging a pin around

Removing a pin

Double-click on the pin to remove it.

Cable labels

Cable labels are added to all cables and are very helpful to identify if the cable has an ID or length.
A cable with a label
If you don't want a label, holding Option or Alt while drawing a cable skip the creation of the label.
Custom label
Typically the Label can be used as an ID marker for the particular cable.
The second item is for the length of the cable.
Cable lengths will also appear on your Packlist!

Removing a cable

There are three ways to remove a cable:
1) Start re-drawing the cable.
2) Single-click the start of the cable (output side).
3) Double-click the input side.
Double-clicking to remove a cable
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